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Woocommerce Development

WooCommerce is your answer to powerful and extendable E-commerce designs, plug-ins, themes and resources which come equipped with smart, innovative and useful features.

We at Multidots provide intuitive and robust E-commerce solutions through smart widgets, reports, inbuilt WooCommerce codes and a host of services which make your website all the more robust and scalable—in an affordable way.

Features of WooCommerce–WordPress Toolkit for E-Commerce Success

The numerous features of WooCommerce Development include:

  1. Mijireh Checkout and PayPal Standard Gateways to add value to your payment modes and applications.
  2. Cash on Delivery, cheque payments and BACS to offer simple offline gateways.
  3. Flat rate shipping processes which can come free by default or linked to coupons and other modes.
  4. Widgets for up-selling and cross-sales.
  5. Facilities for international and regional delivery as well as pickups to facilitate the advantages of multi-location shipping.
  6. Smart E-commerce tracking through Google Analytics integration.
  7. Share This, Share Your Cart and Share Daddy components to allow customers to redeem coupons or indulge in shared purchases with friends.
  8. A variety of extensions and plug-ins to add enhanced functionality and features to your website.