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CS Cart development

Dynamic Dreamz Provides a full eCommerce solution for your business, which is known as CS-Cart. CS-Cart is a powerful and effective shopping cart software solution assisting you in creating and managing your own customized online shopping store with little difficulty and time.

CS Cart acquires all the necessary features and functions to create a successful online business. CS-Cart is built using open source, industry standard technologies such as PHP/MYSQL and Smarty in order to provide an quick, easy and flexible interface; allowing you to produce a high functionality online store fast. It is a 100% template driven shopping cart!

It has become feasible to build stores that are able to proficiently and uncomplicatedly handle over 10,000 products by Optimized Programming and Coding. Dynamic Dreamz has multi-talented and well experienced CS Cart Developers and CS Cart Designers for CS Cart customization, integration and development.

We have customized and developed several eCommerce Shopping Carts using CS-Cart platform. Our CS Cart developers are well versed, competent and accomplished with the skills to develop any complicated or challenging shopping cart application in CS-Cart.

You can also hire a dedicated CS-cart resource for your project.

CS-Cart Key features:

Inventory tracking

Control process has become much easier, much more efficient and it saves a lot of time by automated inventory tracking systems. In addition, it gives a unique feature allowing you to choose whether or not your product should be tracked with or without options.

One-page checkout

This feature allows the users to go through the whole checkout process on a single page. This assures a quick and spontaneous ordering process and raises order fulfillment rates; consequently resulting in greater profit.

Promotion options

Promotion is one of the most significant and efficient marketing tool to amplify sales in your business by increasing the amount of interest each customer has with your product. The idea is pretty simple; you just need to have certain pre defined conditions, meeting which a customer receives a bonus.

Wide & Regular use of AJAX

AJAX technologies are really significant in reducing the traffic noticeably, by updating a part of the page without its full reloading. The other important advantage of AJAX is that you get dynamic web pages optimized for speed.

Return Management

Return Management System is an important feature of the CS Cart, as it increases confidence in your store and consequently makes your business much more competitive.

List Mania Add-on

List Mania is an easy to use tool for creating additional information boxes and special lists like Bestsellers, Related products and Featured products, which can help in advertising and drawing attention to a greater number of products.

Gift Certificates

Another important feature of CS Cart is “Gift Certificates System”, which allows the users to purchase and redeem either email type or postal type gift certificates. And on top of it, it’s incorporated with a variety of options; by which you can easily manage and be in total control throughout the whole process.

Our service areas in CS-cart: